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Backlit House Numbers

Looking for a luxury high end feel?

Backlit house numbers in a brushed metal finish, make any house front shine.

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Front-Lit Numbers

Adjustable colour settings, integrated and durable - you won’t see this patented product anywhere else!

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Our LED House Numbers are designed for outdoor use. IP65 rated, they’re weather proof, rustproof and highly durable.

Buy well. Buy once.

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Front-lit - The face of the numbers are illuminated, the side and rear are solid white. The integrated LEDs mean it’s durable, weatherproof - design innovation at it’s best. (refers to 15cm size only)

Backlit - The rear of the numbers are illuminated by waterproof LED modules, enclosed in a transparent water tight housing. The front of the numbers are solid brushed metal.


Front-lit - made from ABS plastic, it’s completely rustproof, waterproof and designed to last. (refers to 15cm size only)

Backlit - the number housing is made from stainless steel which is extremely durable and rustproof. The brushed metal finish, gives you the ultimate premium look.


Both styles come in 15cm or 7cm tall numbers.

Lowercase characters are proportionately smaller, about 11cm for the 15cm size option and 5.2cm for the 7cm size option.

Best for

Front-lit - the white numbers and front illumination are perfect for darker coloured backdrops (walls, fences, gates etc).

Backlit - the brushed metal numbers with halo illumination are perfect for light coloured backdrops (walls, fences, gates etc).

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