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Backlit Light

Backlit Light

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These backlit LED House Numbers are perfect for the front wall, gate or fence. The brushed metal finish means they look effortlessly stylish, day or night. IP65 rated, they’re made for outdoor use, even in a fully exposed position.

  • Choose from numbers 0-9,
  • Lowercase ‘a’, ‘b’, 'c' or uppercase ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’
  • Number height: Choose 7cm or 15cm
  • Backlit illumination - Halo glow effect
  • Lux brushed metal finish (horizontal texture)
  • ‘Gun Metal’ black - dark charcoal colour
  • Stainless steel (premium grade, durable)
  • IP65 rated, waterproof & dust tight
  • Transparent lacquer for extra rust/water-proofing
  • 4000K LED light
  • 25mm letter depth, Arial font
  • Dusk to Dawn sensor & Dimmer are available
  • Wired light product
  • Installation kit provided - mounting template and screws
  • Install directly onto a wall, gate, garage, front entrance or plaque. As with any wired light, an electrician may be required for installation.
  • View Installation Guide >
  • 1 Year Warranty

To order select the character of your house number and click 'Add to Cart'. Repeat the process for house numbers that have more than 1 character, i.e. for 14b you would add 3 items to your cart. Leave the ‘Quantity’ field as 1 for each item added.

Please note a 12V LED Driver is not included, you will need to purchase one per set of numbers (we do highly recommend using ours as compatibility is guaranteed).

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